Eric L. Haney was born in the mountains of North Georgia. During his twenty-year military career, he served only in critical, front-line combat units – as a Combat Infantryman, a Ranger, and as a founding operator of Delta Force.

Post-military, Haney has worked throughout the Middle East and Latin America, protecting princes, presidents, and CEOs. He led the protective force that returned President Bertrand Aristide to Haiti. He has negotiated with Latin American guerillas for the safe return of hostages and provided security for international oil companies operating in the most dangerous regions on earth. He has also worked with a group of fellow ex-Delta commandos to rescue American children kidnapped around the world.

Today, Haney lives and works in Los Angeles with his wife, writer Dianna Edwards.

2001-PRESENT Guest analyst, speaker, and commentator on subjects ranging from military strategy and tactics to global politics and terrorism. Frequent appearances on CNN, FOX NETWORK, CBS news, The O’Reilly Factor, INSIDE EDITION, and Larry King Live. (Check those sites for archived appearances.)

2003 SPARTAN Technical advisor, weapons expert, actor’s mentor on writer/director David Mamet’s Special Ops-centered film. Starring Val Kilmer, Derek Luke, William H. Macy.

2004 SPYMASTER A Learning Channel reality show anchored and planned by Haney. Over five episodes, Spymaster put ordinary men and women through a Delta-like selection process, covert operations training camp, and final mission.

2004-2005 David Mamet, Shawn Ryan (creator of The Shield of FX) and Haney pitched and produced Haney’s dream come true: A television series based on Inside Delta Force.

2006 THE UNIT debuts on CBS March 7.  Random House will re-release “Inside Delta Force” in two new editions to coincide with the debut. One is an adaptation for young audiences; the other is a new, larger-sized soft back.



Eric Haney is an accomplished leader, trainer, and operator with global experience. His clients have included international corporations (security surveys), metro SWAT teams (arms training), oil companies (guard force management), Presidents, CEOs, Princes (executive protection), and American children kidnapped and taken overseas (hostage rescue).

Master trainer skilled in the execution and training of:

• Close quarter combat
• Counter-terrorist and counter-guerilla actions
• Development/implementation of security programs
• Executive protection
• Guard force management
• Hostage/ransom negotiation
• Master Sniper
• Small arms/long guns (all classes)
• Standard/improvised explosives
• Surgical explosive breaching